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6/22/2021 - California's Own 'Green New Deal'

September 19 2016, it was the day jerry brown signed sb-1383 but nobody realized what the impact of sb-1383 would be on your business and you'll find out when inspectors unexpectedly drop by your office with their list of mandatory fines.

As of January 1st 2022 the fines associated with sb- 1383 become mandatory do you have an employee who hasn't completed the mandatory trash training i bet you didn't know there was mandatory trash training but you have to train employees how to throw away trash. For every employee that does not have the mandatory annual training as much as a five hundred dollar per employee fine.

Did you forget to document an employee doing the mandatory trash training that's a mandatory two thousand five hundred dollar fine.

The lawmakers who created this feel that sb-1383 is their gift to the world

Unlike its predecessors which had a good faith effort clause this has impactful fines attached to each violation sb 1383 is specifically designed to be a model to the rest of the world.

See the full detail in this video.

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