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The mandatory audits and fines associated with California SB-1383 began January 1, 2022.
The fines are mandatory, the annual audits are mandatory. Nobody can promise you won't get fined the day of your audit.
But using our tools and guidelines will give you a better chance.

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BEC Membership  

Subscription includes:

  • Video training to prepare for SB-1383
  • Posters and forms to comply with SB-1383
  • SB-1383 requried employee trash training and documentation
  • Assessment guidelines to verify your business is ready for an SB-1383 mandatory inspection
  • Email access to the BEC team to address any unanswered questions about SB-1383

Additional Services:

  • The BEC Seal for your web site (indicates you are a member of the BEC)
  • Video Training - how to be green in business
  • Email access to sustainability experts
  • Online reports on upcoming legislation and regulations that may affect your business
  • Periodic tips on how to be more sustainable
  • Early access to chapter meetings, mixers and events
  • Priority seating to Annual Meeting Event
  • Priority seating to Workshops and Training
BEC Solopreneur Membership (1 Year) $49.00 
  Tools, Resources (*does not include SB-1383 trash training)  

*If you use a home office, you can not be audited by your jurisdiction

Small Business Membership (1 Year) $99.00 
  Tools, Resources & Training (1 seats)  
  • 2 - 100 Employee
BEC Corporate Membership (1 Year) $299.00 
  Tools, Resources & Training (1 seat only)  
  • 101 - 500 Employees
BEC Enterprise Membership (1 Year) $499.00 
  Tools, Resources & Training (1 seat only)  
  • 501+ Employees
BEC City/State/Federal Jurisdictions $299.00 
  Tools, Resources & training (1 seat)  

Jurisdictional membership also gives you access to BEC members and opportunities to join the advisary board to build better relationships with the business community in your jurisdiction.

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