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Note: The resources on this site were designed to help every business, small and large alike. The tools are simple enough for any business to take a  DIY (Do It Yourself) approach. But we also recognize that some corporations may need support to make sure employees are trained and facilities are configured to meet compliance. You can learn more about those services on this page. We look forward to helping you mitigate the fines associated with California SLCP (SB-1383).  ~Chuck Peavey

California SB-1383 (SLCP)... Mandatory Audits and Fines began January 1, 2022:

  • In 2016, California passed SB-1383 (Short Lived Climate Polutants) regulations...
  • On January 1, 2022, Mandatory audits and fines began...
  • Many jurisdictions are already fining based on SB-1383 compliance...
  • SB-1383 (SLCP) currently says:
    • Should an auditor show up on your doorstep and you do not let them in, that is aledged to be a mandatory $2500 per day fine until you let them in...
    • You will be fined $50 to $500 for misplaced trash, from a soda can in the compost bin to a banana peel in the recycle bin or trash can...
    • You are expected to be fined for not having a compost bin (or recycle bin) next to every trash can....
    • You are expected to be fined for every employee who has not had mandatory trash training within the last 365 days...
    • You are expected to be fined if your documentation of this trash training is not 100% complete and correct (that is a $2500 fine)...
    • If you have food service, you are expected to be fined if you are not sending left overs to a state approved charitable organization (some organizations are exempt until 2024)...
    • You are expectedd to be fined if you do not properly document these food donations...
    • And more!

SB-1383 removed all "good faith effort" clauses and replaced them with "Mandatory fines."

*Note: the above statements are based on California SLCP (SB-1383) at the time of this writing

The Business Environmental Coalition (BEC) can provide the following services in addition to our online resources...

  • On site assessment of your location(s) for compliance with SLCP (SB-1383)
  • Custom plan for meeting compliance based on our assessment
  • Training of Executive Leadership on establishing goals for meeting SB-1383 compliance
  • Training of Management on employee oversight and staying prepared for your surprise California SB-1383 audit
  • Mandatory trash training of ALL employees either in person or online
  • If you have an Environmental Coordinator, providing them with the tools they need to meet requirements of SB-1383
  • Develop standards of documentation and provide documentation within requirements of SB-1383
  • Set up a daily trash sorting program for your organization (aledged to be mandatory under SB-1383)
  • Provide contract services for onsite waste management through our partners
  • Provide oversight of waste management services to ensure they are not putting you at risk
  • Custom solutions designed to meet your specific needs

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Corporate Services: If you have your own Environmental Coordinator, the basic service we provide for small businesses will help you though it may be beneficial to have us train your Coordinator directly.

Our objective is to help you in your efforts to establishy readiness for SB-1383 compliance and develop a plan to prepare before State and Jurisdictional Auditors come to your location for a full scale audit.

If you feel you would benefit from a FREE Consultation,  use our Consultation Contact page so we  can help you create a solution that meets your specific needs.


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