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California Jurisdictions are already fining thousands of businesses for...

  • Mandatory Yearly Employee Trash Training
  • Mandatory Documentation of employee trash training
  • No Compost waste management program
  • Not having Compost and Recycle bins by every trash can
  • Failing to provide access to auditors on demand
  • (more)

The Fines Are Coming
SLCP (SB-1383)

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A Voice For Business at the Table of Regulations...

Jaime Lozano, one of the two founders of the Business Environmental Coalition tells a story of when he was working with the city of Los Angeles...

During a meeting, the question goes out:

"What are we going to regulate next?"

Someone suggested Drywall board
Discussion ensued, "It's obviously toxic, ever see the dust when it breaks?"
Another person, "Those toxins must be bad for the people living in homes, isn't there 'asbestos' in Drywall?"
This goes on for several minutes...
Then Jaime interjects,

"Can I say something?"
"It might be worth noting Drywall is made from Gypsum which is basically chalk and talcum powder!"

The room got quite for a few minutes while someone went to check
After confirming Jaime was right, they went looking for something else to regulate

Most environmental regulations are on businesses and when government creates new regulations, it's the environmental community, not businesses telling the government how the regulations should be applied!

"While most organizations like [similar to] the BEC are focused on how to force businesses to be compliant,
we are focused on working with businesses to find solutions
that are beneficial to business and the environment"

~Jaime A Lozano

Like everyone else, Business Owners want clean air, water and a safe world for our children. Most Entrepreneurs work tirelessly to make a difference.

But running a business is a solitary and sometimes lonely effort. We don't have time to get together and protest so laws like SB-1383 go unchallenged making our workload heavier and often standing in the way of real progress.

The Business Environmental Coalition was created to...

  • Monitor creation and enforcement of environmental regulations
  • Keep our members from facing huge fines or worse and whenever possible
  • Influencing the regulation process in a way that is beneficial to both business and the environment
  • Help define interpretation of regulations in a way that is reasonable.

Jaime passed away not long after the BEC was started and before it could be launched, but his vision of empowering businesses remains.

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